Inside it is a perfect replica of St. Eligius, with snow swirling around it as the shot fades to black. Is there a weapon that has the heavy property and the finesse property (or could this be obtained)? Elsewhere to a trivial mention in Fontanas biography, if not for the curiosity of a playwright named Keith Gow. The "St. A $300-million (minimum) gondola to Dodger Stadium? If it were just a solid hospital show, it would be a popular back catalog binge watch, but its a part of TV history for two reasons: its novel approach to the hospital drama, and. "The discussion began on, a newsgroup that discussed Homicide: Life on the Street," Gow tells Mental Floss. Why is it shorter than a normal address? This is because it's pretty easy to connectSt. It made me laugh actually because it just is so like those guys. In the last episode's final two scenes, Donald Westphall having just returned to St. Eligius is shown in Dr. Auschlander's office pondering the recent death from stroke of his colleague and mentor. St. sign-off. In the door comes Dr. Westphall, but he hangs up a construction workers hat. Making a splash: A deep dive into the live-action Little Mermaid with a new generation's Ariel. Along with U.S.-based fan Ash Crowe, Gow began to develop a chart linking the series to other shows on television. Elsewheres bumbling Dr. Victor Erlich, offered the final diagnosis of his medical career. Through six years, I never put anything in my dressing room. The stories speak for themselves. I saw it as a show about people struggling to answer lifes ridiculous questions--sometimes they would do it in a comic way, sometimes they would do it in a serious way, said Tom Fontana, one of the shows core group of writers and producers, who served as a creative consultant this season. Thanks to the phenomenal success of the MCU, shared universes now dot the pop culture landscape, including the DCEU, The Conjuring universe, the Godzilla and King Kong MonsterVerse, and many more. (referring to Tommy) He give you any trouble? The original decision to include fictional product crossovers actually comes from the origins of the chart itself. The final scene of 30 Rock opens with a view of the eponymous building, which fades into a model of the same, in a snow globe, observed by NBC president Kenneth Parcell roughly a century into the future, as flying cars whiz past his window. Elsewhere carries a shocking implication NBC St. Arrow is also included, which means all subsequent Arrowverse shows also tie back to Westphall. In that episode, the entirety of St. I was only supposed to be in 18 of the 22 episodes, so I got an extra episodes pay out of it. Weatherson, in his sixth objection, offers the example of Michael Bloomberg playing the role of New York City Mayor both on Law & Order and in real life, which, if one accepts the logic of the hypothesis, indicates that real life is in the head of Tommy Westphall. Elsewhere episode; Cheers spawned Frasier, a character who appeared on Wings; John Munch, the detective from Homicide, had mingled with the St. Eligius crew, and he has appeared on shows ranging from The X-Files to The Wire, effectively making him the Patient Zero of what's become known as The Tommy Westphall Universe theory. A surprise to everybody. The theory is called the "The Tommy Westphall Universe" and hinges on a reveal at the finale of "St. CHAD ALLEN (Tommy Westphall): I remember the script arrived, I read it, got to the end, and I was stumped. CYNTHIA SIKES (Dr. Annie Cavanero): Part of me likes that whole thing because its sort of an Orson Welles-ian Rosebud [ending]. Elsewhere an autistic boy is shown to have imagined and created a vast and deeply human universe. [1][6] This hypothesis was originally put forward by comic book and TV writer Dwayne McDuffie in a 2002 blog post,[8] as a reductio ad absurdum argument against making strong statements about fictional continuity based upon guest appearances. "For 'St. At one point. Who is Bruce and does he have a real-world counterpart? Though they remain philosophical about the loss of St. Elsewhere, Alfre Woodard's Dr. Roxanne Turner,appeared) andOz (in which a company that briefly owned St. Eligius, Weigert, makes a bid to buy that show's Oswald Maximum Security Prison). A long-term member of the Screen Rant family, Michael looks forward to continuing on creating new content for the site for many more years to come. Elsewhere by the residents and the surrounding community, the place has a reputation as a rathole. The notion that appearances by the same character in two or more series tie those series together in the same fictional universe is also problematic. "I prefer character connections, myself," Gow says. You can and should thank Keith Gow and Ash Crowe for being the keepers of this theory for over a decade, managing what has become the official website. All of it, McDuffie said, proved his own Grand Unification Theory that everyone and everything seen on TVexcept for the few minutes viewers spent with Tommy Westphall in May 1988is just a daydream. What is the Russian word for the color "teal"? Westphall, who is autistic, played an increased role in St. Elsewhere ' s final episode, "The Last One", one interpretation of which is that the entire St. Elsewhere storyline exists only within Westphall's imagination. Elsewhere Tags theory, tv, map, universe, autism, st. elsewhere, concept, 80s Additional References Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About. Elsewhere. Mandels character, though, gets the easiest metaphor of the episode. If the theory holds, then a large chunk of television is the direct result of one childs formidable imagination. This is the final scene from "The Last One", the 22nd episode (137th overall) from the sixth and final season of NBC's 1982-88 medical drama I could have put in a sauna and a Jacuzzi, you know?. Not enough dollars, however, to keep the series alive for another year. The streamlining kind of took away its energy.. If you notice any other connections, feel free to join in on the madness. It was certainly something no other network would put up with. It is underfunded, understaffed, crowded, and running on fumes. In the final scene of the series, the camera widens out from St. Eligius, until it becomes clear the hospital is a model inside a snow globe being shaken by Tommy as he plays on the floor of a small apartment. Is all of American television the hallucination of an autistic child?? A Weyland-Utani ship is also seen in a spaceship graveyard in the British sci-fi series Red Dwarf.. 7. The finale (if youre lucky enough to ever have a planned one air) might be one of the most watched episodes in the whole run of the show and the impression that lingers in the minds of most viewers long after the show ends. Other people didnt care for it at all. The kind of gallows humor that was in the show was a case of art imitating life, Paltrow continued. STEPHEN FURST (Dr. Elliot Axelrod): I thought it was kind of cool, actually. I went, Wow. Marriage! Westphall, Auschlander, and Gideon (Cox) are stressing about how they can possibly keep the hospital open. From the mind of a young person whose fantasies were coming to life before him, it was neat. Be sure to join us next time as we look back on an even more esoteric final episode of an even more esoteric show: The Prisoner! 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. Ending of "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans". Birth! Offers may be subject to change without notice. I think it can happen. Why did the Fairy Queen have to die for a poor deal? It seems to imply that the events of the show were all imagined by the mind of a non-verbal young boy. But now, viewers are picking shows out to binge watch, and they want to know that their time investment is going to have some payoff. Hour shows are just not selling into syndication; the market is saturated with them, Paltrow said in a telephone conversation from New York, where he and others from the St. The thing is, autism was - and still is - Marriage! Because a lot of autistic children are withdrawn, it seems as though they're in their own world. Elsewhere with varying degrees of separation, ranging from I Love Lucy to The Flash. I thought it was interesting. There is too much that is rich, that is still to be mined., Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Get ready for the 2023 Met Gala: Heres when, and how, to tune in live, Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon blasted at White House Correspondents dinner, Tom Jones review: PBS Masterpieces latest period drama is laid-back and enjoyable, Michael J. "The first time I saw [the Tommy Westphall Universe theory] it just completely devastated me, because []We believed that our show was just a speck in the universe, and then it turned out that our show was the universe.". The series was also known for one of its more playful aspects: it was prone to dropping references and callbacks to other TV series. That's the nature of a hospital drama, that's why we tune in. St. Dedicated fans attempting to chase down every connection toSt. A few shows are outside of American television such as the British show, "Red Dwarf." Elsewhere production team are at work on Tattingers, a new NBC series from MTM slated for St. The doctors had visited the bar on Cheers in one St. And listen, we set such a bar, its hard to top it to make that ending satisfy a lot of people. ", Father: "I don't understand this autism thing, Pop. While that can sometimes describe. Weatherson's fifth objection holds that the appearance of a person or event in a dream does not mean the person or event cannot exist in real life. Here on, read what each of them had to say about the daring and polarizing ending that helped define the WTF? Can my creature spell be countered if I cast a split second spell after it? As Begley added wistfully, Its never over till its over--but I think in this case, its over .. While that can sometimes describe St. So Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Mayberry R.F.D., and Make Room for Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show are gone. If you're viewing this list on a mobile device, use this link to the web that allows for zooming. Goober and the Truckers Paradise [pilot only], Mrs Columbo/Kate Columbo/Kate the Dectective/Kate Loves a Mystery, use this link to the web that allows for zooming. In the closing moments of the episode, a boy named Tommy Westphall (Chad Allen), the son of medical director Dr. Donald Westphall, was seen peering into a snow globe. He sits there, all day long, in his own world, staring at that toy. There are no villains in this piece. But this television-changing theory doesn't stop there. This means that all of those series and other media thatthey referenced in-universe, which in the case ofThe Simpsons is ridiculously extensive technically take place in the same universe asSt. When not writing, Michael enjoys going to concerts, taking in live professional wrestling, and debating pop culture. And I'm beat. I think there was a period when last rites were being performed when we could have rallied, he said, his tone clinically matter-of-fact. I thought it was an interesting choice to make I respect [the ambition]. ERIC LANEUVILLE (Luther Hawkins): I look back on it now and say Well, it kinda worked. When I first saw it, I had some real reservations about it. It was this wonderful, crumbly, noble, decadent building that housed this incredible heart. (Quizzed by IndieWire in 2012 as to who exactly came up with the idea, neither Fontana nor co-writers Channing Gibson or John Tinker could remember. Elsewhere. Why was it necessary for St. They made a choice and the choice is interesting. Elsewhere, he was openly hostile toward any idea of a reunion special down the line and insisted that the series finale should be definitive. I think the reality of a hospital is much worse. I spent a shift sitting bedside with my daughter in the emergency room during a three-day-long stay once, watching the same sainted nurse come and go as an endless tide of needy patients washed in. That is Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. Heres how St. Elsewhere have dropped out of the cultural lexicon entirelyexcept for one. St. One prominent critic, Professor Brian Weatherson, argues that just because St. According toMental Floss,that series once mentioned a firm called Yoyodyne, which also was a client of a fictional law firm Wolfram and Hart, which appeared in theBuffy the Vampire Slayer spin-offAngel. He also loves both Marvel and DC movies, and wishes every superhero fan could just get along. Illustration by HuffPost's Alissa Scheller. Elsewhere through fictional crossovers and spin-offs, resulting in a large fictional universe taking place entirely within Tommy's mind. You can make up your own line what it means. Elsewhere team enjoyed life on the series even when times were tough, which was always. This is not likely the case (I'm not going to search for links to autism websites for this answer), but for writers looking for some weird ending for their show (other than "it was all a dream"), the idea of a child imagining the world of St. It was all a dream! was never a huge ratings hit, but it had a loyal following, won awards, and remained well-regarded in the years following its final curtain call. The camera slowly zooms in on the snow globe, which is revealed to contain a replica of St. Eligius hospital inside of it. The complete list of shows is at the bottom of the article. What is the name of the poem Belle reads out? Often, characters crossing over on the same network can ignite a connection, with shared brands or locations providing the connective tissue for others. The one where EW follows up with the cast. The show had, above all, an attitude, said Norman Lloyd, whose character, liver specialist Dr. Auschlander, faced his own debilitating liver cancer during the run of the show. Elsewhere storyline exists only within Westphall's imagination. Like their small but loyal band of viewers--who have already written at least 300 letters to MTM and the network protesting its cancellation--the St. Theyre more interested in the colossal mind-fuck that is the. As a special tribute to recently deceased writer Dwayne McDuffie, CBR is pleased to present one of the most well-known texts from his time writing about the art of comics in "Six Degrees of St. Elsewhere truly shook things up and gave us one of the most talked-about series finales in history with the snow globe. After watching six Emmy-nominated seasons of drama medical and emotional, dark and light, envelope-pushing and heartstring-pulling at the run-down St. Eligius, we were led to believe in the finales last scene that the entire show was actually a product of the imagination of (construction worker?) The suggestion is that the entire series was a product of Tommy Westphall's imagination but if that's true, then what it implies is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Its simultaneously a lot of what I find fun about the inside baseball or meta commentary on TV, and also most of what I hate about it. The strange thing that occurs to me when thinking about the show was how temporary it seemed, mused Begley, who spent the last six years matching wits--and losing--with William Daniels, who played St. Eligius Hospitals cranky chief of surgery, Mark Craig. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Elsewhere have appeared on other television shows and those shows' characters appeared on more shows, and so on, a "Tommy Westphall Universe" hypothesis (postulated by Dwayne McDuffie) argues that a significant amount of fictional episodic television exists within a fictional universe imagined by Tommy Westphall. It wasn't unusual to hear other famous TV doctors and the like paged over St. Eligius' PA system, characters from series likeThe White Shadow, M*A*S*H*, andThe Mary Tyler Moore Show appeared or were referred to, and one season 3 episode even took place partially within another Boston institution the titular bar fromCheers. [1] As characters from St. Crowe told HuffPost that if they were to start over today, they'd exclude fictional products as being the basis for counting a crossover, explaining, "since we started this, there's apparently been a real consolidation in fake-prop companies.".

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